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On Eagles Wings  / Judy Whittington (Mother)  Read >>
On Eagles Wings  / Judy Whittington (Mother)
And He will raise you up on eagles wings, bear you on the breath of dawn, Make you to shine like the sun, and hold you in the palm of His hand. Close
Father in Heaven  / Judy Whittington (Mother)  Read >>
Father in Heaven  / Judy Whittington (Mother)
Almighty God we give you all the praise and all the Glory for You and every blessing all blessings given-shown this family. We pray and are thankful for infinite guidance Father God. God you are so loved. Father in Heaven please let Matthew know that his baby niece is there with him and they are not forgotten but loved more with every passing moment. Forever loved. Close
Son / Judy Whittington (Mother)  Read >>
Son / Judy Whittington (Mother)
Matthew you know who this is. Mama Loves you so much. Every moment treasured more & more. We all your family love & miss you. We praise God for all our time together God has made clear that we will be together in the GREAT forever more for all eternity. All will understood & all will know the truth of how evil can & does exist in your own backyard. God help those not believing that tools of war do not belong in a neighborhood of children living across the street from their schoolhouse. Love, Mama Close
So Loved  / Judy Whittington (Mother)  Read >>
So Loved  / Judy Whittington (Mother)
Matthew you are so loved and missed more with everyday that we live on without our precious Giddy-boo. I still think of all you would have and should have been able to accomplish. We think of the wife and daughter you would have brought home. We think of our grandchildren you would have been bringing into the family and miss them so very much. Matt you have a nephew named Wyatt and he needs you and Daniel needs you. We all need you! God I praise You for sparing the lives of others in the neighborhood that could have been shot to death. Close
Happy Birthday in Heaven Matthew  / Judy Whittington (Mother)  Read >>
Happy Birthday in Heaven Matthew  / Judy Whittington (Mother)

Sweet precious angel you know how much I love and miss you. Today is your birthday sweetheart and you are 24 years old. Matt you should be here and we should be celebrating with your friends. Meibe celebrating with that special girl I know you dreamed about. That girl that one day might have been the daughter you'd bring home to me and your Daddy. The daughter that might have should have had more grandchildren that we dream of and a little cousin for our Wyatt your nephew. Happy Birthday in Heaven Matthew and I know you and Jesus are having a grand time talking about well lets be honest everything from the beginning of time until well whatever Jesus has in store for all eternity. Sure wish I was there with you guys and when Jesus is ready for me I'm ready to join up with you. Tell Jesus how much I love him and I love you birthday boy. Your friend Max is just lost without you and so is Jacob. They really love you Matt and miss you. They ride by and I know they want to stop but it's so hard for them with so many good memories just breaks their hearts what that heathen has done to you and none of us will ever be the same. Well I should never allowed it near you or anyone. Just did not know that the low life scum of the earth would committ the horrid crimes  it committed. Forgive your old Mama for being blind and stupid in trusting those awful people.

I Love You Matt


Matt I Need You  / Judy Whittington (Mother)  Read >>
Matt I Need You  / Judy Whittington (Mother)
Sweet son I don't mean to bring any kind of disgrace to your honor. We just love and miss you so very much. Today is worse than other moments and I can't hold my fury back. What in the world could you, me or anyone in this neighborhood ever have done to this low life scum of the earth burden on society that he thought he would shoot us to death and tell law enforcement that we broke into his house and shot our neighbor's to death. Beyond comprehension just plain stupid! I love you Matt Close
How can this be?  / Judy Whittington (Mother)  Read >>
How can this be?  / Judy Whittington (Mother)
There we all were just living life and making plans for your future and you telling us how you wanted to make your life dreams happen. You wanted to get your drivers license then you broke your knee cap so that had to wait. How did I not seen that bastard for the low life scum of the earth burden on society he is? Matt I love you so much son and I'm so sorry I let that piece of shit into your life! Why didn't he just shoot his self if he hated his life so much? Why did they teach him to kill and deprive him the things others were justly given causing him to hate them to kill them! I love you so much and miss more everyday. I need you Matt and that bastard knew how much you were loved and was jealous of all that loves you. Well bastard we love Matthew Whittington just as much today and will continue loving him forever. Bastard you killed your family and the love along with them. Mama Loves You, Close
Just Sick of all of it  / Judy Whittington (Mother)  Read >>
Just Sick of all of it  / Judy Whittington (Mother)
Oh, Matthew son I love and need you so much. Daniel is taking care of our Mallory and our little Wyatt. Wyatt is sixteen months old now. He loves cookies so much.  I tried to order the special made ones to send to him they were all out of his favorite cookies. Maybe I should say all cookies are Wyatts favorite.  Matt I'm so sick of this old mean world and without you I just don't know what to do. You were so knowing in all this pain and anguish coming day after day. Could always make us understand in your simple little way the reasons for almost all happenings. You and Daniel both only wanted to make everyone feel good and happy about themselves. I remember Daniel clearly wanting to make everybody feel loved and just laugh at all of it. We love and miss you so much Matt. All of us try to make a point to smile, laugh and even if it sounds corny love and not forget to find reasons to smile, laugh and love often and then more often. Matthew your Daddy, Momma, brother, sister in-law and all family your friends loves you more, more, more and more with each day that passes. Wyatts says eat more cookies and play outside with his DaDa.         Close
Happy New Year in Heaven  / Judy Whittington (mother)  Read >>
Happy New Year in Heaven  / Judy Whittington (mother)

My sweet son Matt I love you and miss you so much. Sometimes the nightmares are just to much. The nigthmares of what that low life scum of the earth has done. What I know you endured at the hands of that dambed idiot. Just what was Jeri thinking teaching that imbecile to kill? It's their fault for teaching that idiot to kill and giving it guns. Well I hope they are happy where ever their soul resides. Matt I didn't want to get into this. I came here to wish you my beloved little son, my baby son a Happy New Year in Heaven with our precious Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Momma loves you so much Matt more with every moment that passes. Tell Maw-maw and my precious Daddy hello and I love and miss ya'll. I'll see you soon man.




Holidays Again  / Judy Whittington (Mother)  Read >>
Holidays Again  / Judy Whittington (Mother)

Matt you're Daddy does not understand why I depise the holidays. I don't mean the birth of Our Lord and Savior. You're Daddy hates me because I can't pretend like I'm having a wonderful time. Matt I try to make him happy but I'm a failure and I want to be with you Matt in Heaven with Jesus not here in this horrible world. Matt your brother despises me for not being wonderfully happy all the time. We went to his house for Thanksgiving and later Daniel demanded I get up and go to some zoo there. I hate to cause trouble but I have 4 tumors on both my the bottom of both of my feet Matt and I did not feel like going to the zoo. You should be here Matt to take little Wyatt to the zoo son. I love you Matthew Whittington. You should be here with your family!

I'm Home for you Matt  / Judy Whittington (Mother)  Read >>
I'm Home for you Matt  / Judy Whittington (Mother)
Matt I don't like having to pretend all the holiday stuff. Know that you Matt are never away from me. I love you forever and I will soon be their with you Matt and Jesus. We will walk together in the fields of grass and love each other and never have to talk unless we want. The birds, butterflies and all that God has created will be their for us to enjoy and play with. I love you Matthew more and more everyday. Close
My Sweet Baby Son  / Judy Whittington (Mother)  Read >>
My Sweet Baby Son  / Judy Whittington (Mother)
Matt my sweet baby son that son of satan hurt you so bad precious man and if I had just had any idea how bad  human beings those people were you would never or I myself would ever had anything to do with that evil that lived in our backyard. Matt I wish it had killed me instead of you precious son and so does your Daddy. Beyond comprehension and we just hold onto to Jesus sweet man. It hurts so bad knowing what you endured at the hands of that low life scum of the earth burden on society. Matt you know it will never get the chance to hurt another living thing and I love you Matt and I miss you Matt. The hurt of loving and missing you Matt never goes away and is on us everyday we breathe.   Close
Cemetaries / Judy Whittington (Mother)  Read >>
Cemetaries / Judy Whittington (Mother)
Yes I go to the cemetary to attend and take care of all my love ones graves. I though hate the very thought of your grave Matt! At this point in our lives the rage is still just like the very moment we were informed of that low life scum of the earth burden on society and all that the depraved idiot  committed taught to do by the depraved bloodline ancestry it was derived from. Damb them all and I pray they burn in hell! God in Heaven forgive me I love and miss you so much Matthew Whittington and this rage never ceases not even for a moment. Close
Cousin Emma  / Judy Whittington (Mother)  Read >>
Cousin Emma  / Judy Whittington (Mother)
Matt your little cousin Emma you never really got the chance to know is a wonderful statuesque beautiful young woman. Just like you and I'm not the only one to notice a goodness to her soul. The two of you share that compassion for all your family and friends. I could feel that compassion all that day. I love you precious son.  Close
As You Know  / Judy Whittington (Mother)  Read >>
As You Know  / Judy Whittington (Mother)
I know you know all these things somehow that your nephew has turned 1 year old, that your cousin Kristy is getting married to a wonderful guy named Dustin that you'd adorn because they're perfect together. Courtney or Nay-Nay is dating Ben who is a real sweetheart we all love. All is well except we miss you terribly. Matt you should be here. So much to experience & so much love in the family. Gentry is following the dream of taking care of little animals, a dream you shared with her. Tessa is following her dream of all things art and doing well along with her beloved husband Joe who is in law enforcement. Matt you would admire Joe so much. Then their is your brother Daniel who you aways wanted to be just like or always be better at anything he was doing. Daniel, Mallory and Wyatt are a little family now and they always include & think of me and your daddy with all they are involved in and of course Matt you are loved and missed more everyday. Aunt Pam, Aunt Gail all the family love you so much Matt.       Close
Trying to Continue on  / Judy Whittington (Mother)  Read >>
Trying to Continue on  / Judy Whittington (Mother)
All the while loving, missing and yearning for you Matthew we continue on with our efforts to do the best to do what we know God wants us to do. We love all of man kind and do our best. Well you know we always have room to improve. At least the majority of us are trying to do our best. Then there is the depraved angola low life scum of the earth that knows only thoughts of their slaughters and destruction of any and all persons. That succubus evil goes on to wreck life at every opportunity and should be removed from this planet. I love you Matthew.   Close
My Precious Son  / Judy Whittington (Mother)  Read >>
My Precious Son  / Judy Whittington (Mother)
Just so you know how in word and in all we do how much you are loved,cherished and missed I write this. After the horrid dream of running with you for our lives I wake up to know this all over again. I hope Matt you had the chance to tell that low life scum of the earth burden on society how stupid you and everybody thought his whinning was when he would blab about how he couldn't do this and he couldn't do what he wanted to do. I really hope you told him how his complaining all the time showed his stupidity to everybody! I love you sweet man.     Close
I Say  / Judy Whittington (Mother)  Read >>
I Say  / Judy Whittington (Mother)
Matthew so loved, so yearned for and sweet son you know mama loves you so much. I say this to the gun industry that runs the United States of America do us all a favor go peddle your tools of war somewhere else. I know where go find a galaxy of your own far far away. We don't want you or your mess of killing machines or tools of war on our streets. Now go peddle these death  products if you must in another world I don't want you here killing more of our children! God have Mercy on this planet.    Close
Mississippi River  / Judy Whittington (Mother)  Read >>
Mississippi River  / Judy Whittington (Mother)

River take me home. River take me where my son plays near the big water. River where we live, play and where that mighty big water feeds us. Where Matthew and his friends swim then eat the fish from the river and eat the crawfish from nearby. River take me to my son where he walks with Jesus and talks with Jesus. River with your life giving ability not far from our meadow where we like to rest. Matthew I love you son and miss you so much.


Thinking of you  / Kristy (Cousin)  Read >>
Thinking of you  / Kristy (Cousin)
Hey Matt, I've been thinking a lot of you lately. I miss you so much! Love you baby cousin!! Love, Kristy Close
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