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Matthew Whittington  / Judy Whittington (Mother)  Read >>
Matthew Whittington  / Judy Whittington (Mother)

Thinking of you and longing for you. All of the common sense thinking you as just a young adult you would bring to our attention. Older than your young years with your love for history, all animals, the good you could find in every human being, the dreams you expressed to make the world a better place. Then the fun side of you I miss so very much with every situation Matt you could find a hilarious way to look at each and every dilemma we would find ourselves in & no matter what it was or how serious. Remembering how much you loved ice tea and how we would have to stop for you to go to the bathroom & get lost in some of the worse places the swamp! Every minute with you on our journeys a true blessing from God. I praise God for all and know you have taken your place with God. Know too that you are keeping God laughing at every thing we pions on earth are doing. I love you precious son.


There Just So Much That Should Be  / Judy Whittington (Mother)  Read >>
There Just So Much That Should Be  / Judy Whittington (Mother)

Matt I love and miss every minute that should be. Like having your wife here with me and your children running in and out the door. The dogs getting out. All the eating and watching my grandchildren enjoy my fried chicken and homemade cookies. Son I don't know how to express myself in words but know this you never leave my mind. I think about all that we should be enjoying each and everyday. You Matt are apart of my everyday life and will be forever.


My Sweet Darlin Son  / Judy Whittington (Mother)  Read >>
My Sweet Darlin Son  / Judy Whittington (Mother)
Matt people tell me that the pain of losing your child gets easier. My sweet darlin son the pain of losing you to that depraved bunch of whatever anybody wants to call them will never end! Our family will never be able to hold it together enough to be with each other because you are not with us in the here and now. It's so painful to have dinners, birthdays, Christmas or Thanksgiving. No this is pain that never goes away and only gets worse. We all know the nightmare you suffered at the hands of that low life scum of the earth burden on society and not knowing or being able to protect you is eating me up! I love you precious son and I miss you every second of everyday.     Close
WHAT / Judy Whittington (Mother)  Read >>
WHAT / Judy Whittington (Mother)

Everyday the realization of all you mean to your family, how blessed for sixteen years we were to have you body and mind in the here and now. We're still blessed to have your ever lasting spirit with each of us even now. Matt I can't help but continue to be enraged at the actions of pure evil, pure hate acted out on you! I ask myself "WHY" knowing full well I can never comprehend anything that low life scum of the earth burden on society existed for or why it was even born! I live in the here and now knowing that you my beloved baby son will never know your wife, children, your precious nephew or any of the dreams you had hoped to follow through with. We try to continue on with your brother and cousins having their babies trying to be normal happy people. Then there are all the rememberances of you and all the "THEWISMS" is all I know to call Matthew Whittingtons way of thinking and what a hoot your way of thinking is. Even now I can well never mind son. I love you and miss you so much. This pain never ends for any of us.   

March 11, 2014  / Judy Whittington (Mother)  Read >>
March 11, 2014  / Judy Whittington (Mother)
I don't want you to consider this any kind of tribute Matt. Mother knows I shouldn't hold onto this venom. If ever again I Judy Whittington find myself near connor wood I am going to kill that low life scum of the earth burder on society & pond scum I won't need a gun. I'm going to kill you with my bare hands! Now Matt I don't want you to be disappointed in me but somebody has got to resolve the issue of that scum of the earth and it's murdering ways! Stop teaching children and young adults to kill. This antiquated behavior of teaching our young to kill has gone on to long. There is a time and place to teach. Teaching a child to kill at the age of 3 yrs. or 17 yrs. giving them guns that look like toys what's wrong with parents-adults that would do that? I'll tell you whats wrong. These people are not morally upright and do not value your loved ones life. Lock up your guns.      Close
Peter Rabbit Lost  / Judy Whittington (Mother)  Read >>
Peter Rabbit Lost  / Judy Whittington (Mother)
I looked all over that day care center for your rabbit. Remember that just like it just happened. Peter was so special & I believe Mrs. Britt gave you that orginal Beatrix Potter rabbit. We never found another like him did we Matt? As I look for an Easter Bunny for your nephew Wyatt I find myself still looking for your Peter Rabbit. Still I'll never find one just like him. Matthew just like that so very special gift from that so very dear one I'm shaken to my very core without you. Peter Rabbit was special. Matt you are more than just special to your Mother & Father we praise God for the sixteen years we were blessed with you. There aren't enough words in the english or any other language to express our love for you and the despair we feel without you in the here and now. One day soon God willing we'll all be together. What a joyful day that will be and Wyatt will know you then. I love you Matt and miss you every single milisecond of everyday.       Close
Each & Everyday  / Judy Whittington (Mother)  Read >>
Each & Everyday  / Judy Whittington (Mother)
And so we continue to go on each and everyday. We love and miss you so very much son. I don't know how we keep going except for our love for God, our love for you and all the precious memories. We hang onto Jesus praying that soon we'll be together a family again. Yes love is what keeps us going and with that love we pray that change will somehow come. That violence will no longer be accepted as a way to address a persons issues!  Close
I'm Trying to be Nice  / Judy Whittington (Mother)  Read >>
I'm Trying to be Nice  / Judy Whittington (Mother)

God I know I should be nice. Believe me God I'm trying with all my heart to be more civil. With all my heart I know Matthew is safe with You God. No one will ever hurt him again! Matt I love you and I don't want you to be dissappointed in your Mother. I have been so mad, angry, and enraged at that low life scum of the earth burden on society that has I can't type the words. To know that adults still teach this killing to their young and allow children access to guns. Children that grow up to hate them, shoot them to death along with others. Even go so for as to shoot innocent neighbors and tell police their neighbor shot them so they won't get the blame for the unspeakable. This is going on everyday. Just like you and Daniel I want to make the world a better place. Matt you and Daniel learned to do all you could to make the world a better place in all the years spent in Scouting and I know in my heart the B.S.A. teaches all Gods Ways. I know the good and Godly ways you learned because I learned a lot myself.




Twenty-three Years Old  / Judy Whittington (Mother)  Read >>
Twenty-three Years Old  / Judy Whittington (Mother)

On February 24, 2014 you should have turned twenty-three years old. All day on your birthday I tried to get to this site to acknowledge and put into words how I'd give anything for you to know your twenties. Instead I spent the day remembering February 24, 2007. Praising God I had the sixteen years with Matthew Whittington my beloved son who was a complete original, a one of a kind person loved, cherished and so missed. 

                                     Happy Birthday Matt    

Our Way  / Dennis &. Judy Whittington (Daddy & Mama )  Read >>
Our Way  / Dennis &. Judy Whittington (Daddy & Mama )
Matthew you are so loved and you are so missed. For me and your Daddy not having you in the here and now is like having our hearts, our very guts removed. We'll never recover our true self. Part of us is gone. Taken! We've decided to donate money and time to needed charities to honor the 16 years Almighty God Blessed us with you. Our true treasure in life are you, Daniel & Mallory, and our one grandson. I'm scared to even say his name & he's probably the only one we'll have. We won't have your wife and children to dote on, to love with all our hearts.  Matt you are so much more to us than trying every year to reach those around us who seem to listen but will never comprehend no matter what we do. I promise you though I will not shut up and I will not sit down. I will do all God gives me the wisdom to do to convince adults to stop teaching children to kill! To convince adults to "LOCK UP GUNS IN A STEEL STORAGE VAULT" where children, young adults, criminals and terrorists are unable to gain access to the things!                  Close
On My Soul  / Judy Whittington (Mother)  Read >>
On My Soul  / Judy Whittington (Mother)
How in this world did I ever believe I could help that bastard from hell feel better about his life? Matt I'd give anything in this world to have never tried to help that son of a bitch! If only the bastard would have shot me instead of my beloved precious Matt. Your Daddy is so angry at this world & going to church helps but this just takes over all since of well being. It's me I should never had sheltered it, never had tried to help when the bastard declared he hated his parents because they never let him do anything. Matt I was wrong when I tried to be a friend & asked you to try  be a friend. No one should ever be friends with that murdering bastard.  I love you Matthew.  Close
VALENTINE / Judy Whittington (Mother)  Read >>
VALENTINE / Judy Whittington (Mother)

Dear precious son I love and miss you so much. Each day I miss you more. Matt you were right my favorite movie is "Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory" and I realized that even more just today sweet son. Matt you remind of Charlie so much because he was so good and loved everybody just like you. Yes Matt "Willy Wonka" is most definately my favorite. Happy Valentine's Day precious son.



Just don't Know  / Judy Whittington (Mother)  Read >>
Just don't Know  / Judy Whittington (Mother)

Matthew your Daddy and I just don't know what to do with ourselves. We love and miss you so much sweet man. You always made everything better with your way of looking at every situation that was sure to arise everyday. We are left with a sort of philosophy or your way of thinking with any proplem that comes up and whatever the outcome we always miss you so much. Not a day goes by that you are not loved and missed even more than the day before. Mother loves you so much Matthew and only Almighty God gets me through each day.


Good Morning Matt  / Judy Whittington (Mother)  Read >>
Good Morning Matt  / Judy Whittington (Mother)
How is Heaven this morning? I wish I were there with you celebrating our precious Lord Jesus Christ birthday. Almighty God has work that needs done & it will be done. No one will ever hurt you again & we keep the faith & happy glorious memories of all our days together. All our days yet to come for all eternity. Praise be to God!  Close
Snowmen / Judy Whittington (Mother)  Read >>
Snowmen / Judy Whittington (Mother)

Here I am. I love you and miss you so much. Matthew my son and more than my son really a part of my soul. Matthew a part of this families soul. So cherished by all. The three snowmen at the China Wok are gone. I know how much you loved that little restaurant and I know why you loved the China Wok. I pray for the little restaurant they work so hard there. Everyday, every minute yes every moment you Matthew are loved more than the next.     

Angel Man  / Judy Whittington (Mother)  Read >>
Angel Man  / Judy Whittington (Mother)
Matt I love you so much and can hardly get motivated to do what I have to do. It's the holidays again and I just have to make myself do what your Daddy and Daniel tell me to do. I can't hardly move. Momma loves you so much and I miss you more than there is words to describe. At the same time Matt I know you, I know you and I know that I have to take care of the family like you always did. Just like Daniel you have to save the world. Save everybody make everybody feel good about whatever is going on. Do a good deed daily!  Momma and Daddy are so proud of you. We love you, miss you so much Matthew everyday. Praise God for the 16 years we were blessed with you Giddy-Boo and not a second goes by we don't feel all the goodness of before and the pain of the after. My angel I love you now just as much as the day you were born.   Close
My American Indian boy  / Judy Whittington (Mother)  Read >>
My American Indian boy  / Judy Whittington (Mother)
My entire letter to you Matt was deleted by the time I tried to submit. I love and miss you Matthew.   Close
Poem by M. Hawkins  / Judy Whittington (Mother)  Read >>
Poem by M. Hawkins  / Judy Whittington (Mother)

Before you were conceived


Before you were born


Before you were here an hour


This is the miracle of


I love you Matthew Whittington

WHY GOD MADE LITTLE BOYS  / Judy Whittington (Mother)  Read >>
WHY GOD MADE LITTLE BOYS  / Judy Whittington (Mother)

God made a world out of His dreams

Of majestic mountains, oceans and streams,

Prairies and plains, and wooded land,

Then paused and thought, "I need someone to stand

On top of the mountains, to conquer the seas,

Explore the plains and climb the trees--

Someone to start out small and grow

Sturdy and strong like a tree," and so--

He created boys, full of spirit and fun,

To explore and conquer, to romp and run,

With dirty faces and bandaged shins,

With courageous hearts and boyish grins.

And when He'd completed the task He'd begun,

He surely said, "That's a job well done!"

Matthew Whittington so loved by his mama 


Sweet Matthew So Loved  / Judy Whittington (Mother)  Read >>
Sweet Matthew So Loved  / Judy Whittington (Mother)

Matt not a day or barely a moment goes by that our hearts don't start crying out for you. All the while knowing you're safe in the arms of God where no one will ever be able to hurt you again! God is so good to strengthen us all when we're attacked by awful remembrances. Still there are times I can't find your personal stuff and nobody remembers seeing any of it. It's so upsetting I can't start organizing anything until I find your stuff. We love you Matthew and everyday we got to spend  together was so very precious and just as precious today as the day we all were together and will be together again in Heaven.

So loved

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