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Matthew / Judy Whittington (mother)  Read >>
Matthew / Judy Whittington (mother)

Matthew mother has to buy another computer. Precious you are so loved and missed. Not being able to have this special time to put my words down has been difficult even though I know somehow Almighty God allows you to know our love that's never ending. What news I have for you! Matt you are going to be an uncle. Thats right Daniel & Mallory are having a baby boy in September. Mallory wants to name him Wyatt Whittington. I don't think they've decided on a middle name so Wyatt will be like you Matthew with just a first and last name or maybe he will make up a middle name. Remember in kindergarden when everybody else had a middle name and because your name was so long we decided against one. Remember Miz. Lisa asked what your middle name was and you replied, as only you could, Mat Thew. Oh I know you were put in a predicament and I'm sorry for that sweet man but that was just one of the sweet ways you were always trying to accommadate for every situation. Even as a little fellow you always thought of others first and I know just where you got that from. Your Daddy you learned to love and do for others from your Daddy. Matt your Daddy will never be the same man after what happened because we loved and trusted our neighbors. God in Heaven is the One and Only that we turn to for strength.

God Bless my Angel Boy,


Just another day  / Aunt Pam (Aunt)  Read >>
Just another day  / Aunt Pam (Aunt)
It's been a while since I've visited this site. I had to step away from the pain for a bit. I still love you, miss you, think of you so much. I can't seem to get you off my mind today although it was just another day. I love you, Thew. Close
God in Heaven!  / Judy Whittington (Mother)  Read >>
God in Heaven!  / Judy Whittington (Mother)

Almighty God can You ever forgive me? If not for me and my husband teaching our innocent beloved son to love. Even as a young child in scouting teaching the importance of abiding in the Scout Oath. In the BSA to always be ready to step up and help in any way. How could we have known these neighbors would leave life threatening deadly guns and enough ammunition to kill everyone in this subdivision in the hands of an underage offspring who told all he hated his parents and no one in this community could have kept that imbecile from slaughtering its parents with their own guns. Stalking, threatening, watching waiting to force Matt at gun point to that house to then try to convince law enforcement that Matt was some kind of an intruder come to do harm! Lies, Lies, Lies and Matthew you settle your precious spirit and rest in the arms of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ my precious son you've done no wrong my sweet boy so loved.  

WE WILL NEVER FORGET  / Judy Whittington (Mother)  Read >>
WE WILL NEVER FORGET  / Judy Whittington (Mother)

For my precious Matthew I will share your deepest feelings for the Americans lost on September 11, 2001. I know how all you children at school that horrid day had to face an evil that all parents try our best to protect you from and I know the fear that day caused for each of you and never again would any of you feel completely safe. In your words;

     September 11, 2001 was a horrible chapter in the history of

America still more than a year later do we morn over the lives lost we

will never forget we will never forgive but we will for see that the people

responsible get a punishment suitable for their deeds they will not

forget what we do to cause them as much pain as we felt that morning

now we are faced with nuclear warfare and biological attacks we

pray for our leaders to make the right decisions and to avoid war

but find the terrorists that threaten our freedom.

Fly Free

Matt Whittington  

Our son Matt Whittington was profoundly effected by the attack on the United States of  America. Patriotic hardly describes Matt who loved this country so very much loved his community and town beyond words. Matthew Whittington at the moment of the United States was attacked became a man of honor, reverent, loyal to his family, obedient son to Father & Mother, brave and the most couragous young man ever all the while never compromising his Godly upbringing.



MATTHEW / Judy Whittington (Mother)  Read >>
MATTHEW / Judy Whittington (Mother)
I love you so much Giddy-Boo. The brutal violence is just getting worse. Everyday more horror, more terror and I promised God I would do all I could do to put an end to these senceless killings. I miss you Matthew and I abhor with all discust the family bloodline that would teach their young to KILL. All the pain that I know now that you endured at the hands of their scum of the earth burden on society offspring taught to kill for sport fun. Sons of inbred mutant imbeciles. Vengeance is mine says my Lord God in Heaven. Thankyou Jesus, Thankyou Jesus         Close
Dear God Forgive Me  / Judy Whittington (Mother)  Read >>
Dear God Forgive Me  / Judy Whittington (Mother)

God you Blessed me with a wonderful husband, not one but two of the most precious sons and I praise You God. I praise You for all You've Blessed me and my entire family with. All the earthly necessities we've ever needed God You Have provided for us. I love you God and I thankyou for the wisdom, strength, and courage that You have so mercifully blessed me with to endure the anguish of what I can only describe as pure evil done to my beloved baby son Matthew Whittington. Merciful Father in Heaven forgive me for not seeing the evil that lived in the house behind me. Forgive me God I should have seen their killing animals for sport fun and teaching killing to their offspring for sport fun as pure evil. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus    

Thank You God  / Judy Whittington (Mother)  Read >>
Thank You God  / Judy Whittington (Mother)

Good morning God. I love you so much. Right this very minute and every minute of everyday, but at this very moment I praise you God for Blessing me with my wonderful husband, I praise you God for Blessing me with my first born son Daniel Whittington who has brought me a daughter Mallory who will one day be the mother to my dreams our blessed beloved grandchildren. Then God there is Matthew a Blessing straight from Heaven and I praise you God for that child, our boy-man. Dennis distraught to this day can't speak of the WRONGNESS done to his beloved second son. I can not stop speaking of the WRONGNESS done. I will not shut-up, I will not sit down because I want every Mother to know just what can and does happen everyday to children, young adults and all their precious beloved family. Oh, Matthew so loved, so missed such a wonderful young man with such a promissing future. All you ever wanted to do was help save the world from all this made-up drama and make the world a better place to live in. Matthew you and only you in your special ways (Godly Ways) made our lives so HAPPY son. Yes Matt "Morning bird, wakes your mom with that happy song" everyday just like in the last Mothers Day card you gave me. I love you so much Matt.     

Prayer / Judy Whittington (Mother)  Read >>
Prayer / Judy Whittington (Mother)

Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread.

And forgive us  our trespasses, as we forgive those who  trespass against us.

And lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil.

For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, forever.

Amen, Amen, and Amen



IT'S DONE!  / Judy Whittington (Mother)  Read >>
IT'S DONE!  / Judy Whittington (Mother)
Matthew they've finished building the One World Trade Center. Mother didn't know I would feel so triumphant for you Matt, for Daniel & Daddy but truly a victorious day for the United States of America. I know the desvastation of September 11, 2001 and  Matt somehow this signifies that 3,000 Americans that lost their lives will never be forgotten. We will never forget! I love you Matthew and miss you so good, so patriotic and a true hero you are my sweet son. You are truly your Daddy's son in every way.   Close
LOCK UP YOUR GUNS!  / Judy Whittington (Mother)  Read >>
LOCK UP YOUR GUNS!  / Judy Whittington (Mother)
Mothers & Fathers are not suppose to bury their children. Neighbors in subdivisions with the police station less than a mile down the street, our school houses 3 houses away while these neighbors tutoring little children their school work & teaching gun safety use at our town Wildlife Hunting & Fishing Center while their offspring gains access to these dangerous devices. Confessing to shooting to death the parents he claimed he hated, our hospital, our nursing home, our doctors offices and our day care center all these businesses just one street over from a home whose owners did not secure or lock up their arsenal of guns. Now I know that my family was being stalked and harressed. Now I know that we were all going to be killed by that low life scum of the earth burden on society. God forgive me for not seeing evil. Matt and his Daddy felt the evil but I only saw the good. I love you Matthew.          Close
So Much Lost  / Judy Whittington (Mother)  Read >>
So Much Lost  / Judy Whittington (Mother)

While I feel that I have lost so much Matthew I know that you have gained eternally a place with Almighty God. For that I again am blessed to know that you are safe in the arms of our precious Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I love you Matthew & yearn for you every moment. I yearn for your company son because you are more than just my beloved son you are your Momma's friend. I miss the way we always bounced ideas off each other and how smart and good a human being my sweet man proved to be. Matthew I need my hugs and kisses man. I miss your company so much son. We all do. You are so loved.    

Guarding Matthew & Daniel  / Judy Whittington (Mother)  Read >>
Guarding Matthew & Daniel  / Judy Whittington (Mother)

Matthew I love you so very much. As your mother I have done everything I knew to guard you and Daniel your only brother from all harm. To this very day it is beyond comprehension that the parents of that mutant monster or both their mutant monsters their offspring access to an arsenal of loaded GUNS! The worst parental decision they ever made was allowing ANGOLA prisoner #536827 loaded guns and even idiots for a mama & daddy would have known better. I pray God forgives me for not protecting you Matt from those idiots who should never have had a gun. Should never allowed their Angola offspring access to guns. I pray God forgives me for not knowing about their loaded gun or guns and pray God forgives me because you Matthew, my "Gift from God" when assaulted took bullets meant to kill me & your Daddy. Matthew you are so loved and so missed precious son. Jesus I pray help me!       

HAPPY BIRTHDAY IN HEAVEN MATTHEW  / Judy Whittington (Mother)  Read >>

Precious son I know that everyday in Heaven is your birthday but on this day twenty-one years ago at 3:05 on a Sunday afternoon you were born to me and your Daddy. Even today I tell everyone Matthew Whittington was and is the most beautiful baby that I'd ever seen. Still to this day I've never seen a more beautiful baby child. Daddy cried last night and today with the yearning of wanting you, needing you. Matt you are so loved and missed more with every passing second. We beg God for the Rapture so we can be caught up and be reunited. I know it's greedy to want to be with God so bad but I can't help it. Sweet man I read all your writings over and over. They are so comforting. I can't believe how talented a writer, artist, builder and hundreds of other activities you were so very good at. I marvel at all your projects everyday and yearn for the day we will be together. While it is your birthday Matthew we truly are the ones who have recieved the "Most Precious Gift of All" when you were born February 24, 1991 at 3:05 on Sunday at Riverland Hospital in Ferriday, Louisiana. Happy Birthday to my Angel Matt I love you son.       

So Loved  / Judy Whittington (Mother)  Read >>
So Loved  / Judy Whittington (Mother)

Matt you are so loved. It's not the same love that you should have had with a girl. A girl to love you and you to love her with all your heart. That girl that you would have loved so very much will not know you. She will be all alone in the world missing your love that has been stolen from her. Matt you have been stolen from so many that love you so much. My grandchildren have been stolen from me.  

Dear Matthew  / Judy Whittington (Mother)  Read >>
Dear Matthew  / Judy Whittington (Mother)

I love you so much. Yearning for you. To take you to the memorial service honoring our Veterans. I don't know why I never knew what "Angels on the Bluff" meant. Just thought it was some voo-doo deal. Everyday brings more rememberances of your total goodness. All you did out of pure love that I didn't understand at the moment. Just now understanding the memorial of "Angels on the Bluff" and how important taking part in that memorial was to you son. Can you forgive your old mother for being an idiot and not knowing what "Angels on the Bluff" commemorated? Patriot that you are Matt I should have known "Angels on the Bluff" was and is a memorial to all Veterans alive and passed who have given their all to this home we call United States of America! Matthew I know now and I will never forget to honor you by taking part in the memorial services. FOREVER   

Loved / Judy Whittington (Mother)  Read >>
Loved / Judy Whittington (Mother)

Sweet man I need hugs and kisses. I don't know what to do with myself. I concentrate on ways to never have another precious beloved son or loved one be taken from their family. To know some of what  your last minutes on this earth were like is unbarable. Not being able to keep you safe from that low life scum of the earth evil spawn of satan. Had I just heard a sound of any kind. But no there were no sounds no signs at all. I  continue on in this daze reliving every moment. What signs did I miss that your life was in danger? Matt you are so loved cherished & missed beyond words sweet man.    

Fragile Handle with Care  / Judy Whittington (Mother)  Read >>
Fragile Handle with Care  / Judy Whittington (Mother)

On the day you were born just yesterday it seems. Every wonderful moment as vivid as the time or second of the beloved occurrance imprinted forever in my mind. Thankyou God!  Somehow all parents should be alert or keen not only to how blessed they are to have a beautiful child. A being of pure love from Heaven above. Matthew Whittington and all precious miracles from Heaven should be clothed from head to toe with "Fragile Handle with Care" now and forever. Love your children unconditionally and tell them everyday you love them with lots of hugs and kisses. Matthew I love you so much precious son and have been so blessed to be your "Momma"  

Matthew / Judy Whittington (mother)  Read >>
Matthew / Judy Whittington (mother)

Oh sweet man I love you so much. I miss you so much & we all are so filled with loss. It so hard to continue to be motivated with the old goals before. Nothing we were working towards seems important anymore. The most important blessed work of all was to help you and Daniel with the goals you'd set for yourselves. While we still have one another working always to be better people helping Daniel and Mallory with any and all projects we suffer the loss of you son our beloved baby boy & the yearning to continue on with all you planned to do precious son. Everyday of our lives we yearn for you Matthew. I have to remind myself all day to have  strength & love & courage & faith just to get through what that monster has done.  Never have I felt this much rage and hurt.   


MATTHEW / Judy Whittington (Mother)  Read >>
MATTHEW / Judy Whittington (Mother)
Beloved baby son not a day goes by that I don't yearn for you. Matt you should be home working on the goals you'd set for yourself. Your plans for the future were noble & good. Now without the opportunity to pursue those goals I'll will be your voice. I will steadfastly with all determination scream my outrage @ the injustice you endured because the law that an underage  young adult was not allowed access to life threatening weapons & this law is not enforced. People will know what happens when guns are left not secured where their children underage young adults dangerous people & now terrorist gain access to them going on shooting rapages killing anyone in the depraved monsters path. I will shout to the top of my lungs "LOCK UP YOUR GUNS" & do all thats possible to make it LAW. Stop teaching little children to sport kill animals for fun. Like  Angola prisner #536827 that shot to death his own parents for fun you may become a sport kill for fun victim of a violent crime! If it can happen out my backdoor it can happen out anyones backdoor. So loved is my precious baby son Matthew Whittington.       Close
Merciful Father in Heaven  / Judy Whittington (Mother)  Read >>
Merciful Father in Heaven  / Judy Whittington (Mother)

I pray you continue to guide us through all decisions  throughout each and everyday. Give me the strength and the wisdom Lord God to live each day in Your Perfect Will. To encourage all to keep faith and be ready to recieve God's many Blessings. Thankyou Jesus   

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