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What's Mama Gonna Do?  / Judy Whittington (Mother)  Read >>
What's Mama Gonna Do?  / Judy Whittington (Mother)
My precious little bear I love you so much. What's is mama bear gonna do without her little bear? I go into your and Daniels room to clean and all I do is scream & cry. I have all your and Daniels things about me and can't bare to part with one little lego or G.I. Joe boot. All the things you collected of your beloved America everywhere you traveled you came home loaded down with everything that was America to you the country you loved so much. Yes Matthew I have all your Eagles and I dust them and I'm taking real good care of them for you son. But I wish you were here taking care of them and saving the world making America an even  better country the way we talked about & planned. I love you Matthew and miss you so much. We all do & can barely make ourselves continue on and do what we should be doing especially all your cousins you grew up with and saw almost everyday. You were all more like sisters & brothers than cousins and they love and miss you so much it's just paralyzed them to have lost you. Matthew you were the strong one the smart one that always looked after them warning them of danger they did not always see. Matthew you took care of your family & friends just like the mighty Eagle takes care of her babies and we love you forever son.  Still we grieve we yearn for you precious Matthew.      Close
Comfort & Strength  / Judy Whittington (Mother)  Read >>
Comfort & Strength  / Judy Whittington (Mother)

Matthew our comfort & strength comes straight from Lord Jesus Christ our precious Savior. Knowing how proud you always were of being born & raised in Louisiana brings little comfort as we continue to do our best in forcing even shouting to all in the department of justice to confront gun violence in Louisiana. Remembering my own words to you and your brother Daniel that sometimes you can't save people from themselves so stop trying to save the world. It  just exasperates all of us at how our leaders turn a deaf ear on our pleas to confront the epidemic of gun violence committed by kids & underage young adults that have no business with guns right in our own backyards & neighborhoods. Adults teaching little kids to kill for fun and for sport. I'm about ready to give up trying to make the world a better place & let the evil one's  with their parents guns just continue on with this imoral egrecious behavior shooting them (the parents) along with innocent people then claiming stupidity for what they've done. We are all devastated heartbroken and suffering from our bowels twisted into knots at what you our beloved baby son endured! Our minds to this day not able to accept what is the most disgusting fact that hundreds of  children will die today because grown people will not use their God given common sense and keep guns away from their own children. Matthew I should never allowed you out of my sight & I blame myself for being ignorant of my neighbors teachings & behavior. Precious baby man I love you so much & know I have to keep screaming of how you my beloved son was shot to death by an underage neighbor with an arsenal of guns & the injustice of what you endured. Judgment Day is coming and I pray God forgives me for my ignorance in Jesus Precious Name.      

Precious Sunshine  / Judy Whittington (Mother)  Read >>
Precious Sunshine  / Judy Whittington (Mother)
My precious sunshine I miss you so much baby man. I've tried all day to stay strong and to make a difference in this old bad world. It just seems that anyway I try to make the world a better place it all just falls through. Matthew I'm tired of all this badnest son. There are days I just want to give up but I love the Lord and I know Almighty God is watching so I continue to pray. I don't know how I'm going to do what I've got to do but God will provide a way for me to help people change and stop killing one another. Never in my life would I have thought that you my precious darling  son would ever had to endure what that monster or monsters did! Judgement Day is coming and it's going to be bad for some thats for sure. Mother loves you so much La-Boo and there really are no words for how much you are loved and missed Matthew. While we know you are safe in the arms of our Precious Lord and Savior we love and miss you still and always will.    Close
Tick Tock  / Judy Whittington (Mother)  Read >>
Tick Tock  / Judy Whittington (Mother)
It's not the same and to pretend that all is well would be a lie. I am not the same loving pie in the sky seeing only good in everyone I meet ignorant human being I once was 999 days ago! As a matter a fact I hardly trust anyone anymore. The entire family feels at any moment terror & horror are about to happen! Each and everyone of us are hermits that never leave our comfort zone. We love Almighty God and praise God for each of our precious blessings. We love and trust only Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. I know Matthew that you are safe in the arms of our Dear Lord and I give praise knowing that you are resting with the Comforter. I'm just not the same person anymore! Close
Why & How  / Judy Whittington (mother)  Read >>
Why & How  / Judy Whittington (mother)
Oh sweet man I love and miss you so much. Mama is trying to stay strong trying to keep what happened to my precious loving giving good wonderful blessing from Almighty God baby son that I promissed to love and protect when you were born I'm trying to keep anyone else from enduring what you Matthew endured at the hands of a childhood neighbor who was taught to KILL! Matthew I love you with all my heart soul bones and all my blood if only that idiot had shot me instead shooting you son. You who tried to be a friend to a childhood neighbor who had no friends & I wish to God I had not ask you to be a friend to that monster. If only I had seen some sign of the evil in that idiot or not been ignorant of all those damb guns in that home. I'll never forgive myself for asking you to be a friend to someone who had no friends and to try to be compassionate to that idiot. God have mercy on me I failed to protect my precious forever cherished Matthew from an evil  preditor that is beyond my comprehension        Close
Thursday Morning  / Hayley Vanier (Friend)  Read >>
Thursday Morning  / Hayley Vanier (Friend)

On days like this

When fluffy clouds are moving

In the quiet blue sky

With the loudest presence

Everything makes sense

Everything falls into place

My emotions come to life

My body feels like dancing

My soul is on fire

I feel brave enough to touch you

The ground is sturdy enough to jump on

The air is clean enough to breath

I can open my mouth and taste feeling

I can open my eyes and see hope

On days like this

I can press my hand over a ledge

I could kiss the air and imagine it was you

I would sit on the wet grass

And stare out to no-where and see you everywhere

On days like this

Being with you is a wish that could come true

But only on a day like this

Tender Loving Mercy  / Judy Whittington (mother)  Read >>
Tender Loving Mercy  / Judy Whittington (mother)

Oh sweet son your Aunt Pam has written "I can only imagine how hard it is knowing at all times the betrayal of a childhood neighbor without drugs or alcohol & the violent brutal intent along with what it's doing. Our Matt isn't here for us to show our love to. What I can say is that Matt knows exactly what we are all doing at all times and sits at the right hand of our Lord. He's in His army and fighting battles for us even now. Matt is our protector now. Matt's eyes are on the deceitful ones watching out for us so they will not do harm to those he loves. He is an angel a wonderful beautiful guardian angel with the full armor of faith and strength wielding a sword of righteousness on our behalf as well as for all the innocent souls.

I have a picture in my head of what Matt must look like in all that glorious armor of God with love on his face and wisdom and strength in his eyes. That wisdom has always been with Matt. Now he is a beautiful angel in God's army representing just what he always has wanted to. Hope to the hopeless help to the helpless and victory for the righteous. I miss the earthly Matt but I love him no less and thank God and trust that God is taking care of our sweet man and that NOBODY will EVER harm Matt again. God knows exactly what happened to Matt and the other innocent souls killed that horrible night and in His rage He will swoop down upon those who have done those evil deeds and they will feel such wrath and the full fury of our God that they will simply melt into an agonizing heap of ash with all the full anquish of Hellfire and Brimstone with pain suffering and misery and gnashing of teeth to look forward to forever and ever and ever. We have seen the anquish they have coming-God gave you glimpse. It is coming." Precious Matthew your Aunt Pam is so right!       

Producing Fruit  / Pam (Aunt)  Read >>
Producing Fruit  / Pam (Aunt)
Matt lately I have found myself figuratively in the fetal position trying to cope with the last fifteen years of my life. Sometimes I really do evny the peace that will come one day when God sees fit. I am doing my best to take care of your mom. I do need your help with that. I pray that you surround her and uplift her and give her some rest in your peace. I know most things are out of our hands but I know God hears you above all others. You are very special to God and to your family. I miss your earthly self but I do have dreams of you that feel like we have visited. I am trying to please everyone and I honestly feel like Im drowning. You remind me so much of Gentry and I can talk to her about these things but I do not want to burden her as her time will come as I pass the torch. What is with us? Why are we so sensitive to the needs of others? You were that way too. We always try to do the right things - fix things - even at great personal danger or grief. I know you would understand. You gave your everything. You gave your life. I love you Matt and I miss you very much. You produce MUCH fruit.

Yes I am the vine; you are the branches. Those who remain in me and I in them will produce much fruit. For apart from me you can do nothing.

~ John 15:5 NLT
Victory Song to my Matthew  / Judy Whittington (mother)  Read >>
Victory Song to my Matthew  / Judy Whittington (mother)

I am so proud of you dear one-----

another would have come undone;

but you have clung to God alone

petitioned Him upon His throne

and heard Him as He guided you

and held you close and led you through.

Just like a child faith was strong

although your trial of betrayal by a friend

was hard and long. You Matthew so loved 

by everyone endured the horror the terror of the


The storm was heavy light was dim

but through it all you were sure to win.

No enemy could take the place

of God's amazing forever healing grace

His hand of love upon your beloved brow.

Come and claim your victory now.

I love you dear beloved son---oh what grace

shines brightly from that precious face.  

HAWATHAWA / Judy Whittington (mother)  Read >>
HAWATHAWA / Judy Whittington (mother)

My precious little Indian Boy Hawathawa mama bear misses you and loves you so much. Your Great Great Aunt Eva grand daughter of our Choctaw Indian Mother Morning Star passed on and started her journey today. She will always be know as Little Polly Doe Deer as she had a special love for the baby deer rescueing & raising many baby deer to full grown. Aunt Eva's favorite Polly Doe Deer the special little deer she loved so much. Aunt Eva was crushed & heart broken when her precious Polly Doe Deer was shot by a deer hunter. Aunt Eva along with other family members nicknaming you Little Indian Boy Hawathawa you were so very much like the baby Indian Papoose and very precious & loved by all as the good sweet son eating all sweet fruit off the trees. My precious Hawathawa.   

Matthew / Judy Whittington (Mother)  Read >>
Matthew / Judy Whittington (Mother)

 As I read in the bible Matthew I find comfort. In Second Corinthians chapter 5:6 Therefore we are always confident, knowing that, whilst we are at home in the body, we are absent from the Lord:

7 For we walk by faith, not by sight:

8 We are confindent, I say, and willing rather to be    absent from the body, and to be present with the Lord.

Always missed and so loved sweet precious son we still feel you so near to us. Matthew your presense is clearly all around me and I thank God for allowing me to feel  your wonderful presense. Real soon we will all be united with our precious Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I love you Matthew Whittington my precious La-Boo, Indian Boy and Giddy-Boo sweetheart.  

Jesus how can this be?  / Judy Whittington (mother)  Read >>
Jesus how can this be?  / Judy Whittington (mother)

Jesus how can this be? I come home from work with Matthew sick with a broken knee about to have surgery in days. I was worried to death that he would get an infection and loose his leg. His friend Niki wanting him to go to a ballgame and then this idiot neighbor wanted him to spend the night. I told them no Matt's sick. As we go about getting our supper & collapsing into bed later after a long day. Just minding our own business with school & working then out of nowhere comes this idiot neighbor that we've known for I'll say 12 years to do this to my beloved son. These people were the so called uppity up bunch in a good neighborhood that lived behind our home. Homeschooling their offspring when the parents or maybe I should say the mother couldn't get along with the teachers at the well to do school just a few houses from their home that was to later be known as the house  that connor wood slaughtered his parents & somehow & we firmly believe that connor wood along with 318-535-9565 using 1 of the many guns that the Wood family collected & they owned 1 of every kind of gun made by mankind & we believe forced Matthew at gun point to their home and shot my beloved precious baby son 9 times with more than 1 gun! There my precious son Matthew endured the worst terror a person could ever face seeing good people he had known his entire life shot to pieces. Then having your neighbor shooting you over and over while you try to run to escape the horror and betrayal of someone you've known your whole life who is trying to kill you. My beloved son was shot in his beautiful face, mulitiple times in the back as he was trying desperately to run to get away then after he fell to the floor not able to stand any longer connor wood then shot my beautiful, loving, giving precious beloved baby son that I loved, love with all my heart, soul and every bone in my body and would have laid down my life for. That low life scum of the earth burden on society shot my precious beloved"Gift from God" 2 more times in the back of his beautiful & forever cherished head! This idiot gets a hold of his daddy's arsenal of guns and because he can't follow the family rules shoots to death his parents and then starts shooting the neighbors. connor wood has confessed to all the shooting & is in prison for life where it is appealing the 3 consecutive life sentences claiming the conviction is to harsh! Jesus help me keep from wanting to kill this pathetic excuse of a whatever it is.   

Patriotic Son  / Judy Whittington (mother)  Read >>
Patriotic Son  / Judy Whittington (mother)

Matthew my precious beloved son I found your copy of the Preamble to the Constitution that you bought in Washington D.C. I realized as I was reading it that parts of the Preamble to the Constitution of the United States of America come in direct conflict with The Bill of Rights. In your copy of the Preamble son where it's stated "establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility" and then on down "promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity" that is in conflict with Bill of Rights second amendment "the right of people to keep and bear arms" when those people shoot innocent people with their guns that is an infrindgement on your right of domestic tranquility, welfare & the security of your blessings of liberty and posterity or rather my grandchildren. Yes my Constitutional Rights  have been violated! I love you Matthew. I miss you so much Giddy-Boo.  

Giddy-Boo / Judy Whittington (mother)  Read >>
Giddy-Boo / Judy Whittington (mother)
Mama loves you so much. Son you have no idea how much you are loved and missed. I can hardly wait to get to Heaven to be united with our precious Lord Savior Jesus Christ and all the family. This world is a bad place. I don't know how much more of  this immoral behavior Almighty God is going to allow people to continue on behaving with such awful disregard for each other & the entire planet. I know I have had my cup full of all the injustice but the courts of appeal have upheld the 3 life sentence conviction at hard labor no probation & no parole for the low life scum of the earth burden on society connor wood Louisiana inmate #536827. We still ask why he would shoot to death his own parents and then start shooting neighbors. Why did the Wood family have so many guns and bullets 3 houses down from our school? How did he get you over to their house? Why were you dressed the way you were dressed? Did someone else tell you what to put on? We have so many questions Matthew & for the life of me I don't know how you could even walk with your knee-cap broken and so swollen! We don't know if we'll ever know the whole truth. Most young adults would just run away if they didn't like the family rules not start shooting the parents & then the neighbors. I think those 2 brothers wanted to be rid of their parents so they would be able to get the life insurance money! Still as your mother I should have  been able to protect you. I'll never forgive myself for not protecting you Matthew!  Close
Beloved Matthew  / Judy Whittington (mother)  Read >>
Beloved Matthew  / Judy Whittington (mother)

Precious son I love you and miss you so much. I have been sick with grief and yearning for the whole month of April. The whole family is still in a state of shock. There is just no way any one of us are able to get our mind to acept what is beyond comprehension. We continue on in a robotic like way not really aware of anything. The yearning is the hardest for what should be. Like this is the year "2009" you should be preparing to graduate High School and continue on with your plans to study aviation as has been your dream for a long time. Your brother Daniel still longs for you to come to Shreveport  to continue your schooling there and take advantage of  your study  with all the new advances and the huge aviation complex built to design better aircraft  it is certain Shreveport is the perfect place to make a career of aviation. Matthew we love you so much precious son and yearn for you so badly. My beloved son I will see you in heaven and eventually we will all be united. Certainly to be the most joyous happening and not soon enough Giddy-Boo I love you beloved son.    

Need your help! Please spread the word.  / Pam (Aunt)  Read >>
Need your help! Please spread the word.  / Pam (Aunt)
There is a bill being presented in the House of Representatives which would allow 15-year olds who have committed murder to be relased early - even if they got life with no parole. As you may know this is very personal to my family. I have emailed the Louisiana Reps asking that they vote NO to HB 715. Last year the vote was 48 to 49 in our favor. We may not be so lucky this year. I'm asking all who read this to PLEASE do this:

I made a small email, like - Please vote NO to HB 715 in Matthew Whittington's honor. Please use this link:

I sent 12 emails. This doesn't take long when you copy and paste each group as I have them sepatated. I used about 9 email addresses per email so it wouldn't be considered spam. Here is a list of their email addresses:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Thank you so much!
Severed / Judy Whittington (Mother)  Read >>
Severed / Judy Whittington (Mother)
Matthew I am not worried about you. Mama knows that as Almighty God blessed your Daddy and I with you on February 24, 1991 at 3:05 p.m. on a Sunday, days before you were to be born, God's Will was now in motion!  That Sunday evening Angela the nurse handed you to me just as you were born me kissing you all over thanking God for a second healthy and beautiful son.Your Daddy, I could see crying through the plate glass window was so thankful to Father God watched me kissing you all over thanking God for a second healthy and beautiful son giving God all the praise for the miracle he'd just witnessed  through the plate glass window. The first words I said to your Daddy "He's going to be a preacher," your Daddy wanted to know why I thought you would be a preacher, "I told him you were born on a Sunday because the world needed more preachers to teach love."  Then I remembered the suffering of those born for the sole purpose of bringing love front and center to all the  souls they touch. That is the job of  a preacher to remind each christian that all is  done for the sake of  love. It scared me and I spoke of that suffering  to my sister-inlaw. Matthew I'm not scared  I know that you are safe with Father God. I love you precious son and miss you so much losing you can only be described as having  my body severed and I'm left paralyzed. The suffering you endured I relive on a daily basis and I have rendered vengence for what you endured over to Jesus Christ to be carried out on Judgement Day. Vengence was never mine Vengence is the Lord's. Matthew your legacy of love for all is  ongoing just as God planned.  All praise and glory to Almighty God.  Close
No One Knows  / Judy Whittington (Mother)  Read >>
No One Knows  / Judy Whittington (Mother)

No one knows that special love that binds a mother to her sons. I don't know about the love that binds a daughter to her mother because Almighty God blessed me and my dear husband with sons. Wonderful, loving, good, thoughtful sons that only wanted to do the best they could at anything they undertookwith some prodding. Both my sons and their Father would do anything for anybody no matter how hard or what the cost might be. All anyone had to do would be to ask for help and Dennis my husband, Daniel my oldest son and Matthew my youngest son were ready to tackle any task even go so for as to save the planet. I mean litually save the planet if they were asked. Our family is heart broken with the loss of our precious Matthew. No one in the family can really trust another human being after what our Matthew endured by someone we'ed known for over 10 years or more. It's not just the Whittington family that has experienced this mistrust but our entire family along with the community. You think you know your neighbors as loving people and then this egrecious act of violence erupts out of nowhere. Still there is that love that holds that mama close to her son. Mama loves that son so much she endures daily what her beloved son went through during his last moments  knowing there was nothing she could have done even though she slept just feet away. If only! Thank you Almighty God for the 16 years you blessed me with my precious beloved baby that I would have given my life for my son Matthew Whittington. I would also give my life for his daddy and his brother Daniel & wife Mallory. Thank you Jesus.       

Precious Son  / Judith Whittington (mother)  Read >>
Precious Son  / Judith Whittington (mother)
Matthew my precious son you should be home. We should have celebrated your 18th birthday with your friends here at home just like we always have. Instead your Aunt Carol and I spent the day at the cemetary grieving, crying and me continuing to blame myself for letting that low life scum of earth burden on society in our home and lives to kill, steal and destory one of our most precious loved ones! Matthew you should be getting ready to graduate, getting your senior pictures taken. Matthew you should have had your class ring as a sign of your accomplishments. You should have been able to go on in B.S.A. and made the rank of  Eagle as you always dreamed of doing. If only I had known, if, if, if, we have all if'ed ourselves to death! One thing I know for sure if I ever get the chance that low life scum of the earth burden on society will never kill another, it will never get that opportunity to kill someone else's  innocent precious beloved son or daughter. I will spend the rest of my life making sure it stays in prison and if not in prison DEAD. God forgive me for wanting to rid the planet of this idiot low life scum of the earth burden on society but I make no secret of it I want it dead. Mama loves you Matthew and I don't know how I'm going to get through the rest of my life without you my beloved son. You never deserved to have this idiot you had known all your life commit these egrecious acts of violence to you and his own mama and daddy!  The betrayal and brutal acts of violence towards my beloved son I can never forgive and Almighty God from the bottom of my heart  I am so sorry but I can not forgive this evil.   If only I had somehow seen through it's pretense and lies to see clearly the evil succubus  of satan it is. It's my fault I should have known satan for satan when I saw it!  Matthew I love you and miss you every moment of my life and I praise God for the 16 yrs. we had together. It is my prayer that God will forgive me so that I can spend all eternity with Almighty God and be united with all our family. Love you Giddy-Boo.           Close
happy birthday  / Gen (cousin)  Read >>
happy birthday  / Gen (cousin)

Happy birthday baby.

i love you so much.

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