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My Wish for Your 18th Birthday  / Pam (Aunt)  Read >>
My Wish for Your 18th Birthday  / Pam (Aunt)
I wish you peace sweet man. Peace from all the badness of this world. As you sit with God I pray your peace will somehow reach us too as it is very hard here without you.

What would have been a huge celebration here on earth is a very sad reminder of what we are left without. I feel you would have smiled and shook your head at all the hoop-la we always put you through on your birthdays. I like to think you secretly enjoyed it.

We miss you so much that it's hard to put into words. A wonderful, beautiful, part of our lives was taken and left a huge hole in our hearts, in our souls.

We can visit your grave or stare at your pictures. We can hold tight to your toys from the past. Nothing will help ease this pain and without you I know the pain will last and last.

So, once again, I wish you peace. I wish you the peace that we seek every minute of every day. To see you again, ah, just to see your sweet face; it's hard to say what we'd do to get only one more embrace.

I love you, Matt. Happy birthday to you, sweet man in Heaven.
Screaming Eagle  / Daniel Whittington (brother)  Read >>
Screaming Eagle  / Daniel Whittington (brother)

I hear your screams. Your screams for justice will not go unanswered. Screaming Eagle my brother I named you. As the Eagle you are, I assure you that honor will be restored to you and your name. Your bloodline will not be tarnished with this injustice. Screaming Eagle as your brother I nor any of the family will rest until your name and honor are restored. The proof you are showing us is coming in daily. My honorable and brave brother Screaming  Eagle you are always loved  and missed by all. 


Hard to Breathe  / Pam (Aunt)  Read >>
Hard to Breathe  / Pam (Aunt)
Matt, it's so sad that when I think of you the first thing I feel is terror.   It's hard to think of you without thinking of what you went through in your last moments on this earth.  The terror is all-consuming and makes it very hard to remember to even breathe.  I can only imagine how Judy, Bubba & Daniel are handling the immense shadow of your absence.  I think we all feel you surrounding us and God giving us comfort.  To know that your grandparents were there to take you into their arms is some comfort.  I miss you so much and I know you are safe now but I would give almost anything to see your smiling face to give you a huge hug... just once more.  I had no idea the last hug would be the LAST hug.  I love you Thew,  I love you.     Close
Our Little Indian Boy.  / Judy Whittington (Mother)  Read >>
Our Little Indian Boy.  / Judy Whittington (Mother)

Your Grandmother was the first to appropriately nickname you "Our Little Indian Boy". When you were born you looked just like a beautiful choctaw indian papoose baby. She was right all through your life your  physical appearance was that of our American Indian heritage the Choctaw Tribe. She and all your great aunts & uncles, her brothers & sisters  loved the fact that finally our American Indian heritage was shinning brightly. You with your indian complexion, beautiful dark brown eyes and that thick dark brown hair you looked just like Hiwathwa. Matthew you never would wear shoes and never wanted to get your hair cut but you loved your Daddy to read you all the bible stories at bedtime and rub your back. You bring so much joy to all the family with all our precious memories of our good times together. We sure had a lot of good times. I remember you driving your Daddy to Walmart circling the parking lot for a good parking place while your Daddy was singing the indian pow-wow song. Then me and you laying on the trampoline reading The Adventure's of Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn and laughing so hard our sides hurt. Oh, and the snake on the patio that you wanted to catch for Mrs. McGehee's biology class. I still can't believe I helped put that snake in a pillow case for you to take to class. When you made the teacher promise to let it go and not kill it was just so you being you. Matthew always taking care of all the little critters and making me a nervous wreak when you and Daniel came home one day with a huge hawk. You said "Mama he's so sick can we give him some bologona?" and of couse after I somehow got that big bird off your shoulder we gave it food and water. I love you precious son and I miss you, there are no words to describe this never ending grief.  Thank you Almighty God for my little indian boy in Jesus precious name I thank you.  

Fidelis / Judy Whittington (mother)  Read >>
Fidelis / Judy Whittington (mother)

I love and miss you so much Matthew. You're earthly presense with all you're comings & goings is what I treasure along with your thougthfullness. I'll never adjust to not having you come bursting into the house laughing and carring on about this or that. You're bringing me my favorite Good Humor ice cream bar from the store as a surprise and bribe me for money for something you wanted from Walmart. LaBoo you could always get you're mama to do anything you wanted me to do and I to this day would do anything for you. You and Daniel have always been my pride and joy. If  only I could have been in that bedroom when that low life scum of the earth came through that window to give the succubus of satan the whipping it's parents should have given it. I would have used it's mama & daddy's gun's it brought with it  to beat the living daylights out of it and I wouldn't have stopped beating it until daylight. Just thinking about it bringing a gun into my home, threatening and taking my beloved Matthew. What you endured Matthew makes me sick.  That sorry no count outfit needs to be beat near to death and shipped on to Angola State Penitiary A.S.A.P.   

Whispers / Courtney Britt (cousin)  Read >>
Whispers / Courtney Britt (cousin)

Your name whispers within my heart, that's where you'll always be. Like the whispers of the wind, that is calling out to me. The love that echoes silently, embraces me each day. You're like the wind beneath my wings, that God has sent my way. The love we share is always here, its been there from the start. Because the whispers of your name, will be forever in my heart.

On Eagle's Wings  / Judy Whittington (Mother)  Read >>
On Eagle's Wings  / Judy Whittington (Mother)


            And He will raise you up

                   on eagle's wings,

                      bear you on

                  the breath of dawn,

               Make you to shine -

                       like the sun,

            and hold you in the palm

                        of His hand.


Best of the Best  / Judy Whittington (Mother)  Read >>
Best of the Best  / Judy Whittington (Mother)

A golden heart stopped beating:

A determined spirit is at rest

God broke our hearts to prove to us

He only takes the best of the best

Matthew Whittington always loved, always missed

Prayer for you  / Anneke Jones (none)  Read >>
Prayer for you  / Anneke Jones (none)

Judy, both our precious sons are in Heaven. They were taken way too early from us. We miss them every minute, every second of every day. Just thinking of you and your family. Your sister-in-grief Anneke Jones mother of Cassidy Jones. Close
Integrity / Pam Evans (Aunt)  Read >>
Integrity / Pam Evans (Aunt)

Look them up.  Honesty, sincerity, integrity, honor, genuineness, uprightness.  Their meanings are entwined within each other and they all describe Matt.

Honesty ~ Moral uprightness: the quality, condition, or characteristic of being fair, truthful, and morally upright.

Sincerity ~ Honesty in the expression of true or deep feelings.

Integrity ~ Possession of firm principles: the quality of possessing and steadfastly adhering to high moral principles or professional standards.

Honor ~ Personal integrity: strong moral character or strength, and adherence to ethical principles.

Genuineness ~ Real: having the qualities or value claimed. 

Uprightness ~ Righteous: behaving in a moral or honorable manner.

As if losing Matt wasn't bad enough, there are some who want to show the utmost disrespect to him by spreading lies that benefit the very one or ones who murdered our Matt.

Some may ask, "What could be worse than losing the one you love?" I tell you... Losing him is the worst but don't take for granted that now we must defend his good name from the very ones who murdered him as they try to take away the only thing left of him... his legacy of love and the wonderful memories we all cherish.  After all, what else do they have to lose?  Their name is tarnished.  Their bloodline is tarnished.  Now they are striking out in shame to disrespect our loved one who was the ultimate victim of the worst crime possible... done by their family.

Thankfully, we are not the only ones who see what a wonderful soul Matt has. I do wish all of you could see the badges and medals of honor that this precious boy has received. His house is literally filled with them along with various trophies.  They only give those when someone shows that he or she is worthy of such honors. Matt has trophies proudly displayed on his walls and the murderer had guns... many, many guns.  

Matt also wrote stories; wonderful stories that touch the heart and bring tears to your eyes.  The murderer wrote about hatred... he told repeatedly that he hated his parents and anyone who he believed to have a better life than himself.  It grieves me to the core that those who didn't know him at all are telling all who will listen that he was something he wasn't or did something that he would NEVER do.

Not many people know that Matt and many Scouts are schooled to tell possible suicide victims that "...all will get better.  Things will get better." In the taped confession of Connor Wood (who shot our Matt 9 times) he said that our Matt told him to kill Connor's parents.  That 'things will get better.'

Who do you believe; the murderer / murderers OR the legacy and reputation of such a wonderful person?  Matt suffered the worst possible situation and was sacrificed due to the goodness of his heart.  Goodness that God put there. He reached out to the murderer to prevent what he thought was the murderers attempt at suicide.  All a lie, a ruse to lure Matt to his house so he could frame our sweet boy. 

Matt was lied to by someone who he'd known for over ten years, lied on and framed for being a conspirator in murder then brutally murdered by two different guns.  I will spare anyone reading this the details of where on his body he was shot or how long he suffered.  Just know that now his good name is being sullied by the very people who did these horrible things to him. 

Everyone reading this...please pray for peace within my family and that the lies stop.  Please pray that the ones telling the horrible lies will confess to all their horrible deeds and let our Matt rest in peace.  Matt deserves for everyone to know what is, was and always will be within his sweet heart. 

Unrest / Judy Whittington (mother)  Read >>
Unrest / Judy Whittington (mother)

Matthew losing you on March 14, 2007 has left the family in a state of complete unrest. Yes we lay down at night and try to rest. Yes we get up every morning and try to continue on. Losing you sweetheart has left the entire family out of balance. There is simply no rest because our balance of reasoning has been shaken to the very core. This should not have happened to you or anyone and until I make sure that all know that Almighty God our creator has created each one of us for his purpose. God's purpose and only God's purpose and with that purpose a very fragile balance. Each of us have a contribution to the whole of our existence and that is why we were born. Only God knows the contribution that each one of us were born to fulfill and only God acting through nature will allow all life to continue or death to disrupt. Those that will take it upon themselves to take another's life will stand and be Judged for their sins of murder. To murder one that God has created means to upset the balance of existence that our precious Father in Heaven has so eloqently put into place. Matthew as your mother I can not began to tell you how much you are loved and missed. Matthew as your mother I can say that what has taken place is beyond comprehension and that I will never rest because I will forever yearn for what should have been.   

Precious Lamb  / Judy Whittington (Mother)  Read >>
Precious Lamb  / Judy Whittington (Mother)

Oh, my precious little lamb mama  knows you are with our Lord Jesus but I miss you so much. This is such a wicked and evil world that I would not want you to suffer this horrid place ever. At the same time mama wants you home where you  belong sweet man. I should never have gone back to work or allowed for connor wood to be in our mist after his talk of hating his parents. I don't know how your daddy and I are going to live the rest of our lives without you, knowing what happened to our precious little lamb and not being able to help you in any way.   Mama loves you Matthew and I'm so proud of all your accomplishments because you accomplished much in your short 16 years and 10 days. Matthew the love you had for all God created every little bitty speck and everyone on the planet  I guess is really your greatest accomplishment. The rest of us struggle daily keeping the spirit of love alive and growing. We all everyone of us love and miss you beyond words. I will see you in heaven my precious sweet baby boy Matthew Whittington and mama loves you so much.   


Israel / Judy Whittington (Mother)  Read >>
Israel / Judy Whittington (Mother)

Matthew I saw you! My sweet guardian angel your swift angel feet are swift but I know what I your mother saw with my own eyes. After the young man named Israel heard your voice and said he heard a person's voice and before I finally opened the door. Israel was confused because he knew what he had heard. Then I told him all about you and he left awestruck and even forgot to tell me what he was selling.

Israel was selling books that young adults would need for college but was upset to tears so that he could not go on. I ask him to keep our family in prayer that you no longer needed the books that Matthew Whittington now knows all the mysteries of the earth and is walking with Jesus.

He left and I went back to my work when I saw you as plain as day walking quickly to your room. Matthew you are still looking out for your mother even now and I love you my precious lamb who is without a doubt our guardian angel. Matthew I am so proud of you we love and miss you so much sweet man.  KUM BY YAH  

Thanks to everyone  / Judy Whittington (Mother)  Read >>
Thanks to everyone  / Judy Whittington (Mother)

Just want to thank everyone who has taken the time to visit Matthew at this site and leave a little message of encouragement for all  of us who are  still in a state of shock. This violent and brutal act carried out agaist out precious and much loved Matthew  is beyond comprehension and even though it has been 446 days it feels as though this happened just this week. Thankyou everyone and please keep us in your prayers as Almighty God answers the prayers of those of us who are strong of faith. Our faith in Almighty God has sustained the entire family through this horrible nightmare and will continue to do so for the rest of our lives. With much love I write this to you all and it is my prayer that you each walk in the will of God each and everyday.    

Im sorry  / Mickayla Ford (none)  Read >>
Im sorry  / Mickayla Ford (none)

Im sorry about your son. Im 13yrs old and people think that teens need a break cause there kids. PLease they no right from wrong so they should be like the adults and take it.




Thanks Aunt Gail  / Judy Whittington (Mother)  Read >>
Thanks Aunt Gail  / Judy Whittington (Mother)

Aunt Gail and Uncle Ken I want to thankyou for all you have done to help my mother and father. They never deserved for me, Matthew to be killed that way and Aunt Gail I'm sorry but it did happen.

Almighty God sent you and Uncle Ken to help my mama and daddy get through that horrible brutal act that you know I had absolutely nothing to do with. I don't know why this had to happen but I'm here with Jesus now and all I can say is WOW! Can't wait for Kristie and Courtney and the whole family to get here. You're not going to believe this!

You know mama is wanting to change the policy and make it more public on how firearms and ammunition is stored in Louisiana and America and she is going to need your help. She is going to need a lot of help Courtney and I hope you are hearing me? Kristie  mama needs your help and everybody else who can carry a sign and hollar real loud.   

Thanks Aunt Pam  / Judy Whittington (Mother)  Read >>
Thanks Aunt Pam  / Judy Whittington (Mother)

Not everyone has an Aunt Pam like you! Matthew loves you very much. You have have always been there for him. Every birthday party, Scout function and school functions and all other family get togethers.

Then there were the horrible days when Matthew was lost  to the family and you Aunt Pam have always been there. We are forever greatful and would never have been able to endure what happened on                     March 14, 2007  if you had not been there with your strenght as Almighty God lent you to us to help hold us together as we struggled to comprehend the death of our most loved and precious Matthew Whittington.

Justice you were there in court everyday making sure justice was served. Aunt Pam is their  at all times on watch looking out after our family taking care that not one of us is abused or shamed by anyone.

Pam as your oldest sister and mother to Matthew who was lost to our family at just 16 years old, 16 for only 10 short days, We still have a long way to go in bringing attention to all policy making in Louisiana and America in keeping firearms and ammunition out of the hands of  young adults. 

As you well know we are the voice of our precious much loved family members that have forever been silenced by preditors in prisons that will do anything to gain their freedom in order to MURDER again. I love you my little chestnut brown. Don't wear yourself out or tire yourself out trying to reach those who are only concerned with themselves!   



Missing Matthew  / Judy Whittington (Mother)  Read >>
Missing Matthew  / Judy Whittington (Mother)
Matthew I want you to know how much I love and miss you precious lamb. If it were not for Almighty God mama just wouldn't  make it Giddy-Boo. I really don't know how I'm going to live the rest of my life without you Matthew. I'm just lost without your presence to fill our lives with all the fun times we had. You brought your Daddy and I so much joy, so much love and so many wonderful times together as a family when we were all together and then when it was just me, your daddy and you Matthew. Our precious baby boy that we love so much and would do just about anything for  gone from us  now and it's just beyond comprehension. I'll never forgive myself for not seeing the evil in that idiot that you told me was a psychopath. We just don't understand how anyone could be that awful and do such horrible acts and I'm sorry for what you had to endure Matthew. If it could only have been me instead of you is what I keep asking God. I do feel you all around precious lamb. I do know that you are happy with Jesus and I don't want to take that from you my precious baby boy but mama and daddy and the whole family misses you so much. Maybe I should say the entire community misses you Matthew and loves you so much.  I'll see you in heaven son and I can't wait to get there to be with Jesus and you and all the family.  Close
Guilty! / Judy Whittington (Mother)  Read >>
Guilty! / Judy Whittington (Mother)

Matthew on April 30, 2008 413 days after connor wood took the assault rifle John and Jerri Wood gave their son and the idiot shot you to death with telling the Sheriff's department that you Matthew without any reason for doing so had come to the Wood home located behind the Whittington home and shot his parents to death using John Wood's 9 milimeter gun, shooting and reloading over and over again shooting John and Jerri all to pieces. Later connor wood did confess to the Sherriff's department that he connor wood shot his own biological mama and daddy because they would not let him drive the car and they were embarrassing him publicly.  Judge Boothe found the low life scum of the earth burden on society guilty of 3 consecutive sentences of life in prison and it's the families prayer that connor wood will never again shoot to death another innocent person while he lives, breaths, eats and sleeps all with the best health care that the United States of America can provide this maggot with and is taken better care of than the precious children of this country. What I don't yet understand is who was using Jerri Wood's  32 caliber gun that was also used to silence Matthew Whittington forever? How did you Matthew Whittington get to the Wood home? Matthew who owned the silver car that the neighbors saw pulled into our yard in front of your bedroom window? Matthew Whittington did connor wood threaten you with his assault weapon? Matthew Whittington did connor wood threaten to shoot me and your daddy to death if you made a sound and woke us up?  Matthew Whittington you had a broken knee-capp and could not walk without the aid of your knee brace and both crutches that the doctor had told you to use at all times until Dr. Haimson returned and could do surgery. Where was connor wood's brother and does he have an alibi? While our court system has sentenced connor wood to prison for life. The only justice Dennis and I feel is that connor wood will never again kill another innocent person and all we want is our precious son Matthew Whittington home. Matthew Whittington we as your parents only want you home where you belong. Oh, and it is our understanding that connor wood who confessed to murdering you our precious son will be able to apeal his life in prison sentence over and over again. What kind of justice is this? Matthew Whittington we love you and miss you every moment of everyday. For the rest of my life I will make it my work to make sure that any adult that owns guns LOCKS THEM UP ALONG WITH THE BULLETS! Baby man I am so sorry that I asked you to have compassion for connor wood and try to be his friend. I will never forgive myself and I wish that those people had never moved into our peaceful and loving community. 

What Grieving People Want You to Know ...  / Pam (Aunt)  Read >>
What Grieving People Want You to Know ...  / Pam (Aunt)

What Grieving People Want You to Know ...

I am not strong, I'm just numb. When you tell me I am strong, I feel that you don't see me. I will not recover. This is not a cold or the flu. I'm not sick. I'm grieving and that is different. I will not always be grieving as intensely, but I will never forget my son and rather than recover, I want to incorporate his life and love into the rest of my life. My son is part of me and always will be, and sometimes I will remember him with joy and other times with a tear. Both are okay.

I don't have to accept the death. Yes, I have to understand that it has happened and it is real, but there are just some things in life that are not acceptable. Please don't avoid me. You can't catch my grief. My world is painful, and when you are too afraid to call me or visit or say anything, you isolate me at a time when I most need to be cared about. If you don't know what to say, just come over, give me a hug or touch my arm, and gently say, "I'm sorry". You can even say, I just don't know what to say, but I care, and want you to know that.

Please don't say, "Call me if you need anything". I'll never call you because I have no idea what I need. Trying to figure out what you could do for me takes more energy than I have.

So in advance let me give you some ideas: bring food; send me a card on special holidays, birthdays, or the anniversary of the death, and make sure to mention his name.

You can't make me cry. The tears are here and I will love you for giving me the opportunity to shed them because someone cared enough about me to reach out on this difficult day. Ask me more than once to join you at a movie or lunch or dinner. I may say no at first or even for a while, but please don't give up on me because somewhere down the line, I may be ready, and if you've given up, then I really will be alone.

© Virginia A Simpson, PhD, FT - This lady has some wonderful material on her website.

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