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Legacy of Love  

Matthew's legacy is one of love.  He loved all life down to the tiniest bug.  It is my hope that his legacy will live on in each of us.  We could all learn just how to love from his beautiful soul.  I love you Matt. 

Happy Birthday Matthew 2/24/2008  
Happy Birthday Matthew 2/24/2008

I remember the day clearly though it’s been seventeen years
When you came into our lives among all our joyful tears.

Each year you grew more special just as we knew you would
You had us wrapped around your tiny finger as only you could.

The years flew by as our hearts were filled with joy
What a wonderful gift God gave us in this precious boy!

Your chubby little cheeks and your deep, deep tone of voice
We couldn’t have picked better even if we’d had a choice.

You are a gift of God, Matthew, right down to your core
You gave 100% of yourself and at times even more.

For sixteen years we watched as you grew into a man
You had hopes and dreams and a solid life plan.

Then the greed of this world took our sweet boy away
It left us with this pain and made our skies turn forever gray.

It’s been almost a year now since we’ve seen your sweet face
And the only way we get by each day is God’s amazing grace.

So Happy Birthday sweet boy as you watch us from above
Your legacy lives on in each of us... a beautiful legacy of love.


 "Christ's Soldier"
The Trumpets have blown.
We are called to be Ready.
To prepare our hearts,
Our hands must be steady.
We begin this Day
Ready for the war.
We have mastered each Drill,
Each march and each chore.
As Christ calls us to Arms
We turn to our Friend.
We Know he is fighting for us
Until we reach the end.
Yet, his end and our end
Is not what we may think.
The end is only the beginning,
And death is in life's chain a link.
Because when we finish this battle,
When we reach that Gospel shore,
We will be Christ's Soldier in
The Great Forever More.

By: Mike Roboski and Anne Elise Rinehart

Gift Of God  
Right after we lost Matt I sat in the middle of his bedroom trying to make some sort of sense of why he was killed.  All around his room I saw signs of a normal teenage boy... video games, collectibles, his clothes and shoes in his closet.  Everything, even the boyish decor of the room and the haphazard look to the carpet, which marks various food and soda stains... makes me extremely aware of how precious this boy... this child, my nephew, my blood.. was and forever will be.  Everything in his room has some sort of story behind it complete with a precious memory.  Matt had a unique charm that I can only describe as "Thew-ism".  Thew, the middle name he so innocently gave himself when he was little.  When asked what his middle name was he replied, "Thew.  Matt Thew Whittington."  Dear God, how did this happen?  How did he go from watching TV and eating left over fried chicken in his room to being brutally murdered when earlier in the day his concern was getting his mom to take him to get a sno-cone?  Now he's gone from us, taken so young.  So often we take for granted the little things that make up the character of the ones that we love.  I really try to understand why so many seemingly unworthy people are left on this earth and the ones that really matter, that can make this world a better place, are taken from us. When I look at pictures of Matt now, I find myself looking deep into his eyes hoping that I'll see answers to my questions because his eyes seem so wise, so knowing.  Still, I keep searching. I know that he's in Heaven now and I wouldn't begrudge him that for any reason but we still miss him.  Everything about him!  I can't even remember ONE bad thing about him and everyone has at least one.  Not Matt.  He was as close to an angel on earth as I can think of.  Sometimes I want to scream out, "Don't let him be gone! He means SO much to all of us!"  Oh, I know he's not coming back but it hurts not knowing what could have been... what should have been.  Someone told Judy that God needed Matt to be in His army now.  That's such a comfort and such an honor. It is far better than anything he could have done here on this earth.  I love you Matt. I hope somehow you know how much you mean to all of us and how much we miss you, baby.
Gone But Not Forgotten  

You were so full of life,
Always smiling and carefree,
Life loved you being a part of it,
And I loved you being a part of me.
You could make anyone laugh,
If they were having a bad day,
No matter how sad I was,
You could take the hurt away.
Nothing could ever stop you,
Or even make you fall,
You were ready to take on the world,
Ready to do it all.
But God decided he needed you,
So from this world you left,
But you took a piece of all of us,
Our hearts are what you kept.
Your seat is now empty,
And it's hard not to see your face.
But please always know this,
No one will ever take your place.
You left without a warning,
Not even saying good-bye,
And I can't seem to stop,
Asking the question WHY?
Nothing will ever be the same,
The halls are empty without your laughter,
But I know you're in Heaven,
Watching over us and looking after.
I didn't see this coming,
It hit me so hard,
And when you left this world,
A part of me just died.
Your smile could brighten anyone's day,
No matter what they were going through,
And I know everyday for the rest of my life,
I will forever be missing you sweet Matthew.


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